What format should videos be in?
The easiest is to install Firefogg.
Otherwise you can also upload most video formats, if you want to avoid server side transcoding, the recommended resolution is: 512 x 288 for 16:9 material and 448 x 336 for 4:3 material. Videos have to be encoded in Ogg Theora / Vorbis.
more info on video encoding
Is there a time or size limit?
If you use Firefogg there is no limit, otherwise videos have to be less than 500MB.
Will videos stay up forever?
Unless you delete them they will stay up forever. At some point in the future we might delete videos that have never been watched or not watched for a long time. If you add your email, your video will not be removed without letting you know.
Why is my question not listed here?
If you have a question that should be added here, please let us know.
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